Get to know us

Little Vegan Treats started around Halloween in 2021, realizing that families just like ours were probably also wishing for a bit of variety for their kiddos to switch out after trick-or-treating. Turns out that it's true - families, individuals, vegans, people with intolerances, environmentally-minded folks... we all want some delish variety in our lives. And so we've grown. But never managed to put up an "About Us" page. My seven-year old gifted me this picture below after hearing me say over the phone that I need to make time to create an "About Us" page for the website. It's been months and I still haven't found time, so you know what? Please see the latest website update. What do you think? I think she's hired as my Chief Marketing Officer.

"Lori has an awesome business. She is so smart. Everything about her is so awesome."